Information on Assisted Living in Orange CA

Are you seeking luxurious retirement living in Orange, California? Oakmont Senior Living knows that researching your retirement options can feel overwhelming. Among the many things to consider, there are a few particularly important factors to take into account to ensure that the assisted living community you choose will be a perfect fit for you or your loved one.

1. Find The Perfect Location
When you are selecting an assisted living community for yourself or a loved one, it is worth exploring the surrounding area in addition to the community itself.

Location plays a critical role in one’s experience of an assisted living community. No matter how beautiful the retirement community is, no matter how delicious the food is, and no matter how much there is to do through the activities program, it is important that the surrounding area is desirable to the resident. With its close proximity to world-class dining, shopping, and entertainment, it’s easy to see why so many seniors choose to spend their golden years in Orange.

Because Oakmont Senior Living is the developer of Oakmont of Orange, we were able to ensure that the site selection and building fit together to give our residents amazing views and serene surroundings in the heart of Orange. Our prime location means that regular outings are available to ensure that our residents always have enriching offsite trips to look forward to.

2. Health & Wellness Support Should Be Offered
Assisted living communities should support each resident in living a full, healthy and active life. One way that this is achieved at Oakmont of Orange is by providing gourmet meals prepared by our executive chef and industry-renowned culinary team. Each meal is designed to give our residents the nourishment they need to enjoy all of the activities available to them through our enrichment program.

Oakmont of Orange places an emphasis on the flavor and presentation of the food we serve in addition to the nutritional contents in the meal itself. After all, even if a dish is packed with all of the vitamins and nutrients needed for optimal health, it doesn’t do any good if it is not consumed and enjoyed. That is why each meal is prepared in a restaurant-style format that espouses five-star restaurant standards.

Another key element in health and wellness is centered around daily physical activity and social interaction. At Oakmont of Orange, we provide a full fitness center, exercise classes, comfortable common areas, and a social calendar that is second-to-none in our industry. Our fitness center offers equipment and training that allows residents to take part in cardiovascular exercises, strength training classes and mobility/flexibility routines. Group classes are also offered to make exercise a more enjoyable and social activity.

Social connection with other residents, guests, family members, and friends is necessary to maintain a healthy state-of-mind. It is with our resident’s mental health and happiness in mind that we offer a full social calendar that includes group activities, outings, games, and even an on-site movie theater where residents can enjoy new films as well as classics. An environment that cultivates physical and mental well-being should always be a high priority when selecting an assisted living community.

3. Memory Care Options Should Be Available
One of the items that many people overlook when selecting an assisted living facility is the potential for memory care services to be offered at the same location. Selecting an assisted living community is complicated enough without thinking about what may happen months or years down the line, but memory care options should not be disregarded.

If you or a loved one end up needing memory care services at a later date, it is very disruptive to have to move to a new community. Memory-related issues can present enormous challenges for a family. If the community you move into specializes in both assisted living and memory care, it prevents you from having to leave friends, the familiar faces of staff you have come to trust, and the community you have enjoyed calling home should you begin to require a higher level of care. Taking this into account early in the selection process can allow for easier care transitions should you need them as you age.

Additionally, married couples who enter a retirement community together may require different levels of care as they get older. When assisted living and memory care are offered at the same community, you can eliminate the need for a spouse with memory care issues to be transferred to a different community and in turn be separated from their spouse who may only need assisted living support.

Oakmont Senior Living is a leader in the senior living industry. We are honored to provide luxurious retirement living to seniors across the state of California. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, or learn more by visiting our assisted living page at your convenience.